Celuk Village Bali

Celuk Village Bali

Celuk Village Bali is a famous village in Bali as a tourist destination cause the residents are very proactive and full of innovation in gold and silver smith crafting.

All You Need To Know About Celuk Village

Celuk Village Bali is a traditional Balinese village located at the entrance gate of Gianyar Regency and has changed into a tourist attraction with its trademark in the form of gold and silver. The village located in Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency has uniqueness and excellent production of gold and silver handicrafts.

Celuk Village Bali: Almost all the families and villagers are Balinese who professional, skilled, and artistic souls to develop the creative design and variety of products related to gold and silvers. This craft village with a long history has been producing gold and silvers that penetrate the local, national, and international markets. Various types of jewelry, either as souvenirs or export commodities are produced in this village including various types of rings, necklaces, earrings, hairpins, brooch, and others. In addition to this, the artisans at Celuk Village are responding to the market demands and also producing modern products such as medals, models, and cultural symbols.

History Celuk Village Bali

In the history of gold and silver craft developments, the first step was initiated by the discovery of a family group that belong to Clan Pande. From these families, the gold and silver craft activities spread throughout the entire local communities in this village as a kind of major life gradually shifting their former life as the farmer. Around the year 1970, it has been changed the community structure significantly in this village.

The change was from an agrarian society to an industrial society. And even now, some of them have jumped into the structure of service economics by focusing on the tourism industry. The change was given a positive impact on the prosperity and welfare of the communities. Celuk Village, Kuta, and Ubud have been classified as the prosperous village category in Bali with high per capita income.

Potential Trading and Marketing at Celuk Village

The creativity of Celuk Village’s craftsmen is not only in the local market trading. They are also the craftsmen and businessmen who take the advantage of promotional opportunities and big art festivals level like the Bali Art Festival, the exhibition in the big city like Jakarta, and even they have been carrying out international trading such as in Europe, Australia, Japan, and America.

Celuk Village
Celuk Village Silver Artshop

Celuk Village Bali Location

Celuk Village Bali is strategically located within 10 kilometers of Denpasar City where this village situated in a tourist destination are with high potential and a variety of tourists who visits this place. The following neighboring village includes Batubulan Village famous for Barong Dance and stone carving, Singapadu Village famous for Bali Bird Park and Bali Zoo, Batuan Village famous the traditional painting, Guang Village famous for the wood carving and Sukawati Village as a center of art and souvenir trading. We can discover several gold and silvers gallery along the main road in this village that is open to tourists.

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As a tourist attraction village in the south part of Bali Island, Celuk Village is many visited by tourists in the morning and afternoon time. The visit was carried out either at the beginning of tours or when the tourist back to the hotel after having the Bali Half Day Tour or Bali Full Day Tour Packages as below: