Kintamani Village Bali To See Active Volcano Mount and Lake Batur

Kintamani Village Bali To See Active Volcano Mount and Lake Batur

Kintamani Village Bali is one of Bali Tourist Attractions as the most famous interest place to visited by local and foreign tourist. This tourist destianation located on high lanscape and has cool temprature on midday and cold on night time. Kintamani Bali offers you beautiful panoramic of Mount and Lake Batur.

Kintamani Village Bali as one of the most famous visited Bali Tourist Destination in Bali Island

kintamani village bali

Kintamani Village Bali is one of village in Bali to offers your wonderful panoramic view of Lake Batur, Mount Batur and Batur Caldera while enjoy your lunch from Penelokan

Kintamani is surrounded by the captivating nature and there are six ancient villages around cauldron of Batur Lake which is often conceived by Bali Age Village. The local people from these villages own the unique cultures, houses as well as life style. Kintamani Area is consisted of some Villages such as Kedisan Village, Buahan, Abang, Trunyan, Songan, South Batur, Middle Batur, North Batur, Sukawana and Kintamani Village .

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Kintamani is beautifully place to see at the day time around 10:00 am until 15:00 pm. We can see the entire the area during the clear weather. Generally, all tourists who visit to Kintamani will arrive in the day time where they can enjoy the panorama or enjoy the lunch in the local restaurant with lake view. Mostly restaurants at Kintamani generally own very beautiful view where tourist merging into their lunch in this restaurant and meanwhile enjoy the panorama.

Kintamani Bali Locations

It is located in Kintamani sub district, Bangli Regency as well as about 50 km from Denpasar Town. Or, it can take 2 hours by car. All roads are generally in good condition to access to this place. The fog will descend and blanket entire area of Kintamani Batur Volcano with cold temperature in particular at late afternoon until the whole of night. The most amazing panorama at this place can be seen in the morning time. It is especially during sunrise emerges on the surface of earth precisely on the mount Batur.

Kintamani Village Bali and Batur Caldera

Kintamani are with it’s magnificent view of Batur caldera have been recorded on king’s charter’s as follows:

  • Inscription dated 911 AD, mention about the king envoys to pray at Trunyan village, the local people were asked to serve the envoys to prepare the meals and facilities during this religious trip. The people requested to his majesty to be exempted from certain taxes in lieu to the services rendered to the philgramage.
  • Inscription dated 911 AD, the regulation for village member between Abang village and Trunyan village was issued by the king to protect their interest.
  • Three inscriptions found at Kintamani dated 967 AD mentions a lodging ( pesangrahan ) at Air Mih, licensed by the king Tabanendra Dharmadewa. Here is mentioned also the influx or might be traffic of priests ( bhiksu ) that came to that area and wanted to settle. It was regulated that the new comers must not exceeding 10 families
  • Just around 1 km north to Kintamani have found various stone sculptures carved in 1011 AD by master sculptor ” Mpu Bga”, dedicated to the king and ancestor’s spirits

It is a prove that Kintamani area is the oldest area to have been recorded in history of Bali. It was probably due to it’s very inspiring natural scenery and magical view. One of famous Indonesian novelists Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana also built his lodging on the foot of Mount Batur, where he produced many litteraire creations in the form of romance or novels.

History of Kintamani :

There are several sources that mention the history of Batur is Lontar Kesmu god, Lontar USANA Bali and Lontar King Purana Batur. Pura Batur mentioned that already existed since the time of Kuturan Professor X is about a century until the beginning of XI century. Because the vast acreage and-pelinggih number is estimated that pelinggih Pura Batur is Penyiwi kings who ruled in Bali, as well as a heaven Jagat. Pura Batur at the Goddess Danu diistanakan is mentioned in Balinese USANA Lontar translated as follows:

Is the story, happened in the month of Marga Sari (month-to-V) when Krishna Force (Tilem) tersebutlah Bethara Pasupati in India are transferring summit of Mount Meru is divided into two, held by the left and right hand and then brought to Bali is used as the Son he is sthana Bethara Putrajaya (Hyang Supreme Deity) and peaks that brought his left hand into Mount Batur as sthana Goddess Danuh, both that as ulunya island of Bali. Both mountain is a symbol and Pradana Purusa elements of Sang Hyang Widhi. Pura Batur is a Hindu cult place throughout Central Bali, Bali in particular, North and East plead in the field of safety rice field. Hence, in the revered saint who fell the Purnamaning to X (kedasa) all the people, especially in all kelian subak, sedahan-sedahan come to Pura Batur to offer “Suwinih”. So if there’s disaster pests.

By visiting Kintamani Village Bali you will get greats experince during your trips in Bali Island.