Ubud Traditional Market

Ubud Traditional Market

Ubud Traditional Market is one of the Bali Tourist Attractions that you can visit during your trips to Ubud Village. This market is located in heart of Ubud. It’s only 5 minutes from Ubud Monkey Forest and a step from Ubud Palace.

All You Need To Know About Ubud Traditional Market

It is not far different from other markets available in the tourism area where most souvenirs are sold in the individual shops based on show owner design. It is an ideal place to place for tourists where they can experience the great bargain art market in Ubud Bali.

This market is a society economics center of Ubud and it is apposite to the existence of the Ubud Empire is called Puri Saren. The market is unfolding from west to easterly divided become two groups with different purposes. There are two markets available in the same area those are one block on the Westside is for a traditional artistic market and another block located in the east as an everyday traditional fundamental market requirement.

This market is open every day from about 08:00 until 18:00, and even some of them are still open until nighttime. While the traditional market for the fundamental requirement is opened every day at 06:00 – even before that there is a morning market that starts at 04:00 morning.

Ubud Traditional Art Market in the same area

The art crafting is sold in the Ubud Art Market consisted of various crafting, from traditional to contemporary crafting whose price is relatively cheap. You can do the transaction directly to the merchant which generally can be bargained. All the crafting sold in this place you can bring home as souvenirs like slippers, wood statues, bags, clothes, matting, painting, and a lot more.

Ubud Art Market location on google maps

Ubud Traditional Market is located in central Ubud Village, closed to the others tourist attractions in Ubud.

Ubud Traditional Market is one of the interesting places to visit, many tour providers list the art market on one of their tour itineraries. The famous Bali full day tour packages are as below:

Ubud Traditional Market is one of the best options to see explore Ubud Village.