Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest

Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest

All You Need To Know About Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest

Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest is one of the Bali Tourist Attractions located at Tabanan Regency. Alas Kedaton is a small rain forest with 12 hectares size of land located in Marga district, Tabanan Regency, west part of Bali Island. This forest is dwelt by a group of monkeys where there is a secret Hindu temple residing in this forest surrounded by pure natures and a fresh atmosphere that create more secrets and serenity. This forest is now open to the public where it was appointed as a tourist destination in Tabanan Regency.

Alas Kedaton Temple Bali Tourist Destinations in Bali

In the growth of handling of this tourist destination in Bali, Alas Kedaton Temple has several become a training location about tourism nature, environmental handling, and agro-tourism. Alas Kedaton Temple is many visited by the tourist from local and foreign countries which are generally a lot of paying a visit in August, December until January, while the local tourist generally pay a visit during the holiday season and feast day of Ramadan (Moslem holiday) and this place is good to be visited in the day time.

In front of Alas Kedaton temple, there are quite a lot of small shops selling handicrafts as souvenirs, for example, clothes, pants, and other handicrafts. Others, there are some shops booth selling food and beverage, a toilet, and a park area that is wide enough.

The monkeys in Alas Kedaton Temple are very tame and free-gallivanting in the temple yard so the calm atmosphere is sometimes solved by the noise voice of the monkey, which is playing around and scrambling for food. The monkeys who dwell in Alas Kedaton Temple, there are jump up and down on the temple wall, take a bath in the moat or there is also hang out in a few leaves representing an impressive view. The monkey-like custodian of the temple is always ready to greet all visitors who are paying a visit to Alas Kedaton Temple. Besides monkeys, in the Kedaton forest also can be met bats and some other animals. At least 24 types of grove plants have been identified in Alas Kedaton Temple Bali.

Alas Kedaton Temple has three yards that are external yard, middle, and center yard. The center and middle yard are encircled by walls and the outside yard is representing an open yard. The interesting point of this temple is the inside yard represents the holy yard, and its situation is lower than the middle yard. This thing is different compared with the general temples in Bali that are more goes inside the temple, the higher the place will be. Besides that, another interesting point of this temple owns four entrances.

Temple Festival at Alas Kedaton Temple

The temple ceremony in Alas Kedaton Temple is carried out every 210 days a year. It is on Anggarakasih Medangsia (Balinese Hindu calendar) or on every Tuesday where on that time the society does the worships or prays to request the safety and prosperity. The unique in this ceremony is do not use the fire and do not hence Penjor and also finished before the sunset or before the night is come.

Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest Bali

Visiting Alas Kedaton Temple Bali, at least there are 3 interesting things we can see.

  • First is the funny of the monkeys around the trees, Is free from the charge of taking pictures of monkey
  • The second one is the bat show, must pay in order to enjoy the bat show at Alas Kedaton Temple
  • The third one is to take some pictures with the snake. must pay to take pictures with the snake. is a good experience especially for the children, can bring a very interesting experience related to the animals

In Alas Kedaton Temple, there are about 2.000 monkeys. They are the most attractive magnet for visitors. The visitors can give some food to the monkeys directly. Just put some nuts or cookies on your hand and that monkey will be happy to eat. With only some nuts in their hand, some brave visitors can take some pictures while the monkeys eat the nuts on their heads or hand. When doing this activity it is very advised to not wear your hat or glasses. The monkey has a bad attitude: they will steal your hat or glasses whenever they have a chance.

The authorities of Alas Kedaton Forest, Desa Adat Kukuh, Marga, and Tabanan have designed the forest full of monkeys, to interact with the visitors directly. Of course, all the monkey is gentle. They are not bad, as long as the visitor does not do some bad thing like hit them. Another attraction is a bat show. It is not an ordinary bat, but a giant bat. Very big. You will not see this kind of bat in daily life. So in Alas Kedaton Temple, this could be the only experience of taking pictures with a giant bat.

The last attraction or the third one is taking a picture with the snake. Not only adults, but kids are also very happy with the attraction. Again, this is not a wild snake like we often see in National Geographic. Although the snake is very big and long, this creature is a gentle one. Some photographs with the snake in Alas Kedaton can be good here.

Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest Location On Maps

Alas Kedaton Temple is located in Kukuh countryside, Marga Sub district Tabanan Regency. The journey goes to Alas Kedaton Temple can be done easily by using a motor vehicle follow the major roadway from Denpasar to Tabanan. On the way go to Alas Kedaton Temple, we will see the beautiful nature view where in front of us will meet the carpet of rice field and irrigation voice at the side of the road to bear the impression/peaceful atmosphere.

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